Spokane businesses: work or watch the Gonzaga game?




Posted on March 21, 2014 at 6:53 AM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 15 at 12:20 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Gonzaga University men’s basketball game comes in the middle of the work day for local businesses. Many offices are weighing the tradeoff between work and watching the game.
CenturyLink’s Spokane office planned a big pizza party for its business partners off-site Friday afternoon, where employees will have the game on and give away prizes, including tickets to the local NCAA games on Saturday. CenturyLink’s business consumer vice president and general manager Tom Novotney said they planned the party with purpose: to get to know their clients better.
“When you’re talking to customers, you’re doing business,” Novotney said. “We’re just choosing to do it in a little different environment.”
But for local accountants, the timing of March Madness couldn’t be worse with tax deadlines looming.
“March Madness is really appropriate for CPA’s,” Moss Adams Senior Manager Katie Burton said. “A lot of us our basketball fans and we don’t let our work interfere with our love for the game.”
The Moss Adams office in downtown Spokane plans to show the afternoon game on a television in the conference room, since the accountants won’t be leaving the office.
“A lot of people bring their computers and work while they’re watching the game,” Moss Adams executive assistant Diane Howe said. “You notice that they’re not really looking at their computers when the action is actually going on.”
Moss Adams embraces the March Madness spirit with office pools for employees and customers.
CenturyLink employees said they might plan another pizza party for the next Gonzaga game if the Bulldogs win Friday.