Spokane Co. deputy fired for having sex on duty gets job back




Posted on May 23, 2014 at 8:53 PM

Updated Saturday, May 24 at 9:57 AM

SPOKANE COUNTY--A Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy who was fired for having sex on duty was given his job back on Friday. Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said he was not happy about it.

Sheriff Knezovich terminated Deputy Scott Kenoyer after Kenoyer admitted to visiting a former girlfriend while on the job and having sex with her during that time.

Sheriff Knezovich said he believed Kenoyer should never have been given his job back. The union representing Kenoyer said the Sheriff was too harsh when he terminated the deputy.

Sheriff Knezovich said he was not surprised by Friday’s decision to reinstate the deputy.

“The one thing that disappoints me is when the arbitrator stated because the sex happened at a house with someone he was dating it seemed to be okay. I disagree,” said Sheriff Knezovich.

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Deputy Kenoyer admitted to having sex with a woman while he was on duty in the summer of 2013.

The Sheriff’s Office learned of the incident through the investigation of former Spokane Police officer Jeff Graves. Graves was accused of stalking the woman involved in the case.

Sheriff Knezovich offered Kenoyer a document called, “a last chance agreement.”

The agreement would have terminated Kenoyer and then reinstated his employment under strict conditions. Kenoyer rejected the agreement and said he felt the punishment was too severe for the offense. An arbitrator agreed with Kenoyer on Friday and gave him his job back.

Union president Wally Loucks said Kenoyer was an outstanding deputy. He added Kenoyer’s one mistake should not define his career.

Sheriff Knezovich said Deputy Kenoyer lied during the investigation.

“He told us he was on a break, when in fact he was on a citizen contact. That means he was trying to hide or mask what he was doing,” said Sheriff Knezovich.

Kenoyer was given a new last chance agreement to sign on Friday. The new agreement stated that Deputy Kenoyer would get his job back but would face strict guidelines for two years.

Sheriff Knezovich was sending a warning to all deputies. He said if they were to have sex on the job, they would be terminated.