Speed limit measure would only affect parts of N. Idaho




Posted on March 14, 2014 at 11:27 AM

Updated Friday, Mar 14 at 11:40 AM

NORTH IDAHO— Transportation officials said a speed limit bill that was passed by lawmakers and headed to the Governor’s desk would only affect certain parts of North Idaho.

The bill would allow speed limits to increase up to 80 miles per hour on interstates and 70 miles per hour on state highways.

The measure still required a signature from Governor Butch Otter and approval from the  Idaho Transportation Department to become a law.
If the bill were to pass, the decision to officially increase speed limits would be up to local Idaho Transportation Department districts.
 “It would definitely have to be in an open stretch,” said one driver, Leonard Breezee. “And there’s not too many in Idaho.”
The head traffic engineer for District 1, which covers most of North Idaho, said there was potential to increase speed limits on some stretches of I-90. That spokesperson added that the department would study those areas and consider the number of cars traveling at or above the current speed limit before making a decision.
Officials said a speed limit increase on Highway 95 would be unlikely because of the lack of long stretches and the high number of driveways and side streets intersecting it.
Breezee said he would prefer to have speed limits remain unchanged.

“"I don't see any benefit in it,” he said. “No, 75 is about as fast as you'd want to go. At my age, I'm cautious at 50 miles an hour.”