Sidewalks for students coming to 37th in 2016



Posted on February 26, 2014 at 6:03 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 26 at 6:20 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.—The cold weather and snow makes for more of a challenging walk along Spokane streets. There is one part in the City where it is an ongoing issue.
Neighbors along 37th Avenue and Regal on Spokane’s South Hill said it is important to have a sidewalk on both sides of the street. There are schools in the area and many of the students use 37th Avenue to walk to school and home.

“Unless they're going to step up into snow that's two feet deep, they're going to be in the street,” said South Hill Resident Patsy Dunham.

Stretches of 37th Avenue do not have a sidewalk on one side and in some cases do not have a sidewalk on either side.

Snow and ice push pedestrians farther away from the edge and closer to cars driving by, according to neighbors.

"It's the old people and the kids that don't have the voice and they're the ones using this street,” said Dunham.

The problem runs from Ferris High School and Adams Elementary at Regal Street to Chase Middle School on the Eastern edge of Spokane.

Neighbors like Dunham tried to get sidewalks along the street for years. She contacted KREM’s 2 On Your Side. She was concerned that the City still had not fixed the issue.
"You want people outside, you want people enjoying the neighborhood and this is if to say we don't want you out there,” said Dunham.

KREM 2 News contacted City staff and asked about sidewalks along 37th Avenue.

The Streets Department said it has plans for construction to start in 2016. The plans include adding sidewalks and creating a storm water system along the street.  The total estimated cost was $8 million.

"Until I see the cement being poured, I'm still too skeptical to say that's comforting for me,” said Dunham.

Neighbors like Dunham hope drivers will keep in mind that people are walking closer to the street than normal.

The City said it will need state and federal grants to pay for the project they have scheduled to start in 2016.