Five deputies leave Sheriff's Office to join Police Department



Posted on March 4, 2014 at 8:19 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 4 at 9:39 PM

SPOKANE, Wash-- Five former Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies were sworn into the Spokane Police Department Monday along with three other new officers.

It was the first time in ten years that a deputy from Spokane County left to work for The Spokane Police Department.
Six Deputies applied for positions at the Police Department.
The Spokane County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich said the deputies left for financial reasons and on good terms. Knezovich said there is a $11,000 difference between maximum pay officers maximum pay deputies.
“One of them said to me it’s a 15 percent increase between 401(k) (plans) and everything else,” Knezovich said. “That’s a pretty significant draw.”
Knezovich said the sheriff’s office would miss the manpower.
Spokane Police heads told Knezovich, if more deputies were to apply to their department, they would be brought on in waves as to not put a strain on the Sheriff’s Office.
The Sheriff said he made some good replacement hires that would be out of the academy soon, but finding already qualified deputies was more difficult.
"Lateral hires are hard to find because there aren't many people leaving their agencies unless it's for more money or they're running from something," Knezovich said.
Knezovich said he expected to return to normal staffing levels before Fall.