Former Shadle Park teacher in jail after allegedly contacting students



Posted on October 9, 2013 at 9:03 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 9 at 9:21 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A former Shadle Park High School teacher was thrown in jail Wednesday night after allegedly trying to contact one of the students with whom he is accused of being sexually inappropriate.

Prosecutors asked the judge Wednesday to revoke his release and put him behind bars.

The alleged victim in this case has sexual assault protection orders against Ryan Murphy.

Prosecutors said what is the most alarming about the latest attempt for contact is that Murphy reportedly did not know his alleged victim would be notified that he was following her on a social media platform.

The former teacher has been a free man on his own recognizance while awaiting trial for his alleged inappropriate sexual behavior with two students. That was until Wednesday afternoon. Conditions of his release stated he could not contact his victims.

Prosecutors said they have proof Murphy tried to friend request one of his alleged victims on a social networking app and then began following her musical preferences on another social media platform.

After the first attempt at contact, Murphy was warned to stop. On September 6, detectives said he tried contacting the student again.

“The last thing she wants is anything from him coming over her computer,” said Patrick Johnson, Prosecutor.

The defense insists Murphy meant no harm. The judge saw it otherwise and ordered Murphy back into custody with a $100,000 dollar bail.

The judge overseeing the case is from Stevens County. Murphy’s father is a judge in Spokane County. The court ruled having a judge from Spokane County would create a conflict of interest.