STA Plaza: Is it Safe?



Posted on June 9, 2014 at 5:55 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 10 at 2:04 PM

Do you feel safe at the STA Plaza?

SPOKANE, Wash.—The CEO of the STA Plaza in Downtown Spokane said she would be taking a closer look at their safety policy after a man was stabbed to death while waiting at the bus stop.

“No person deserves to die like that," said one STA passenger.

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There had been dozens of calls reporting malicious mischief, theft and car prowling in the area near the plaza during the month leading up to Saturday’s stabbing. There were 15 instances of violence reported in that month according to authorities.

STA riders said the biggest problem they had was petty troublemakers.

Just shady people; the way they act and the way they watch you,” said one passenger.

Many people told KREM 2 News they were a little more worried about being alone at the STA Plaza since the stabbing.

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“I have a home-girl who was actually here when the stabbing happened the other day. And she's been having some issues coping,” said one passenger.

Officials with STA said it had dozens of security members on staff from unarmed, limited commission officers to contracted security personnel.

Officials said there were three people on duty in the plaza at the time of the stabbing. STA’s CEO said the stabbing could not have been prevented, even with more security staff.

“The suspect came in behind the person and his friend. Didn't make eye contact. Then walked around a structure and then came around and surprised them,” said STA’s CEO Susan Meyer.

Meyer said her security team immediately jumped into action. She said one member called 911 while the other began performing CPR on the victim.

“They rendered aid until police could arrive, which was quick. Then they collaborated with SPD for the rest of the day. They did everything right,” said Meyer.

There were more than 60 surveillance cameras inside and outside of the STA Plaza. Officials said that played a huge role in catching the stabbing suspect.