South Hill letter: “Sell and move north to Hillyard Dog Town”



Posted on April 1, 2014 at 5:24 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 3 at 9:56 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.—A South Hill woman received an anonymous letter from an angry neighbor on Tuesday.

The family received the letter in the mailbox stating:

“I live 2 blocks from your house. I have to pass it to and from my work. I have never seen anything like you people. A trailer in the front yard. You are living on the south hill. If you a look around we keep our yards clean and no trailers in our front yards. Have you no pride in your home? My neighbors are talking about it. I can’t imagine how yours are feeling. My advice…. sell and move north to Hillyard Dog Town. You could be happy there. Lots of white trash.”

The family who lives near 37 and Stone contacted KREM 2 News after receiving the letter. Someone had also filed a complaint with the city.

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Kathleen Breach said she was shocked when she got the letter about the 5th wheel travel trailer on the property.  She said the irony is she is fixing up the house that was a foreclosure.    

“Love thy neighbor, I guess. But this isn't really loving your neighbor,” said Breach.

Breach’s mother and stepfather live inside the home. The family recently moved to Spokane from California.

Other neighbors said the letter did not reflect how everyone felt.

“I hope they feel welcome in our neighborhood, and whoever sent that letter is definitely in the minority around here,” said Brandie Horton.

Breach said she wishes whoever sent the letter would have talked to her face to face.  The letter had no return address.

“They don't know us, they don't know the situation, they just kind of came out of left field judging us because of what they could see from the street,” said Breach.

Breach added she would have gladly moved the trailer if she knew it was an eye sore.

In addition to the letter, the family received a warning from the City of Spokane Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement.  The Notice of Land Use Violation stated that the family had violated two Spokane Municipal Codes. It claimed the family violated SMC 17C.230 for a vehicle parked in the front yard and SMC 11.19.0348 for living in a camper/RV/trailer or other vehicle.