Riverside School District hopes levy will pass, second time around



Posted on April 11, 2012 at 5:38 PM

CHATTEROY-- The Riverside School District is preparing for another levy vote next week. The first levy failed in February.
KREM 2's Ashley Korslien spoke with officials about what could happen if it doesn't pass.

When the first levy failed back in February, the district went back to the drawing board, and decided to significantly drop the cost to taxpayers this time around.

In less than a week, voters will decide the fate of the riverside school district.

Educators say if this levy fails, the consequences would be enormous.
Roberta Kramer, Riverside School District Superintendent, said “I think it will be devastating to the district and to our kids and the community.”

In February, the district asked voters to approve a tax that ranged from $3.91 to $4.34, per thousand dollars of assessed property value.

When that failed, officials dropped the cost to $3.42 per thousand. “We went out and we did some different meetings around the school district and I think made more contact with more people.”

Without the funding, many staff positions and programs would be cut. Kramer explains, “It would be well over three million dollars in cuts to a 17.5 million dollar budget…music, drama, sports, full day kindergarten, several teaching positions.”

Educators say a "no" vote could also result in a large drop in student enrollment.

The district is confident the lower price tag will change the minds of voters in the April 17th vote.