Pullman Boy Scouts rescued after getting lost on ski trip




Posted on January 4, 2014 at 7:49 PM

Updated Saturday, Jan 4 at 8:01 PM

PULLMAN, Wash.—Two Pullman teenagers were home safe Saturday after spending the night on the mountain on Thursday.
They got lost while on a ski trip with their Boy Scout troop in Rossland, Canada.
The boys had years of Boy Scout training and said they knew exactly what they had to do. They built  a snow shelter.

It was another day of skiing for James Holstad and Daniel Kure on Gray Mountain. It was the last day of their annual Boy Scout trip to Red Mountain Resort.

The boys ventured down an unmarked trail and made it out. That was around 2:00 p.m. They were not so lucky the second time.

"We entered a little further down the mountain, but we didn't make it back to the chair that time,” said Holstad.

The boys had skied down the mountain and had gotten lost. They hiked up to try and find a trail back to the lodge.

"We were tired, my feet were cold,” said Holstad.

 "It was difficult to walk up the hill in ski boots in really deep powder,” said Kure.

Holstad and Kure said they knew they could not make it out before dark. They used branches and their skis to make a snow shelter.

The boys huddled together in the shelter with their snow gear on and only a granola bar to eat as they waited for light.

"We were lying close together and in a small area to help keep heat in,” said Holstad.
“With the snow and the wind and stuff- it helped a lot,” said Kure.
The two finally got to a spot where they could see the next morning and realized they were hiking in the wrong direction.
They ran into search and rescue members who had followed their trail and were air lifted off the mountain around 9:00 a.m. on Friday.
"I was surprised that they were able to find us, but it was good to see them,” said Holstad.
The boys said it is a ski trip they will never forget.
"We would've been really cold and it probably wouldn't have turned out so well,” said Kure.
The boys were recovering well on Saturday. They said after they were rescued, they were just a little cold and hungry. They added that they plan to stick to the marked trails in the future.