SPD claims Rockwood presence is not special treatment




Posted on December 20, 2013 at 7:39 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 4:43 PM

SPOKANE, Wash--Many KREM 2 News viewers wondered why police took the time to reassure homeowners in the affluent Rockwood neighborhood of their safety Thursday following the murder of neighbor Doug Carlile.

WATCH: Police officers go door-to-door

The patrols had nothing to do with the wealth in the area according to police.  Crime is becoming more prevalent in the area lately police said. 

People living in the area said it’s the last place they expected to see covered in crime tape and swarming with detectives.

WATCH: neighbor reported supsicious van less than 1 hour befor murder

The shooting Sunday, December 19 left neighbors worried.  Police said the killer snuck in Doug Carlile’s home when he and his wife were out and shot him multiple times at close range when they returned. 

One woman who was afraid to be named said, “My little girl was literally sick to her stomach scared.”

Police said they wanted to assure people in area they are safe. 

People in less safe neighborhoods could not believe police went door-to-door handing out crime prevention flyers.  Another man who wished to have his identity concealed was outraged.

“Have you ever seen them do that in your neighborhood?” He said, “They don’t even come to our neighborhood. They don’t even come after one hour, sometimes we’ll have a gunshot and they won’t even come then.”

The Rockwood Neighborhood did not receive special attention according to police. While this area is a considered a hotspot for property crime, police are doing additional patrols throughout the city officials said.

Another unidentified Rockwood neighbor said although he is surprised to see police knocking on doors, he is grateful.