Pit-bull mix viciously attacks 8 month old horse


by Othello Richards & KREM.com


Posted on July 19, 2012 at 6:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 19 at 6:21 PM

SPOKANE-- A homeowner on the West Plains says she had to pull a pit-bull mix off of one of her horses during a vicious attack.

She says that same dog attacked six of her young horses.

Her eight month old colt is lucky to be alive.  Its owner brought him to WSU's veterinary hospital in critical condition two days ago.

A family member tells us a pit-bull-mix ripped about an eight inch wide hole its side
Billy Hickerson says his mother saw the dog biting her colt and yanked it away and managed to tie it to a trailer in her driveway. “She could have put herself in serious harm, but luckily she got away with little scratch but it could have been way worse than it was.” 

Hickerson says the dog bit five other young horses. “One of our babies has got ear that's been chewed off, other babies with multiple bite marks on their legs, on their sides.”

An animal protection officer from SCRAPS went to investigate. Hickerson say the dog's owner showed up at the same time and claimed her dog could not be responsible.
While the officer was occupied looking after the badly hurt colt, he says the dog's owner cut the pit-bull loose and took off. SCRAPS wants to find the two.
Hickerson says the colt will never be the same and probably will not be able to race. Vets say he should live.