Outreach teams increasing help to evicted homeless people under I-90




Posted on January 15, 2013 at 7:56 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 6 at 8:59 PM

SPOKANE -- Homeless outreach teams met with people told to pack up and move from under Interstate 90.  Last week, Spokane Police handed out eviction notices to people in that homeless camp.  Most were camping illegally under the interstate near Division.

Nearly 50 people camped out.  Then the city came in and forced them to leave.  But when you have no home, the question is: where do you go?

Pastor Ron Bryceson works every day to help the homeless get off the streets.  His First Covenant Church is also an official warming station on extremely cold nights.  Now that the tent city just a few blocks away was shut down, police are ticketing anyone seen camping.

"The goal obviously is to get them into services," said Spokane Police Sergeant Dan Waters.  "There's a ton of help out there, and shelters that haven't been full in years."

Cleanup crews from the downtown Spokane clean team spent part of Tuesday clearing trash from the site.  But one homeless man said he is glad the site got shut down.

"The last time I stayed under there, I got beat up with a baseball bat," said William Faust. 
He's since taken advantage of programs to find safe housing.

"I can understand the city's dilemma because there is help out there," said Faust.

That is where Pastor Ron and his team are now stepping up their effort even more.  He said free meals will continue at his church, every Friday and Sunday evening.  The effort to get the homeless the help they need will also be provided.