Raw sewage causes ankle deep flood in North Spokane homes


by KREM.com & Honora Swanson


Posted on December 6, 2011 at 5:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 7 at 7:29 AM

SPOKANE-- Spokane's Sewer Department will tear up a street in a North Spokane neighborhood Wednesday to fix a clog that sent sewage into area homes.

According to the City of Spokane, a plugged sewer line near Decatur and Crestline in North Spokane caused the mess.

The sewage backup is so large one resident says he knows of at least ten homes that have flooded, but officials have not confirmed the number of affected homes.
KREM 2’s Honora Swanson says the homes she went inside of smell like a porta potty.

In one basement the water level was about ankle to mid calf deep in raw sewage and sewage water.
People were standing outside their homes due to the smell. One resident said that he had to wear a respirator just to breathe.
City insurance adjusters went door-to-door telling residents about the spill. 

The sewer department spent Tuesday pumping out what they could.

Residents affected are asked to call the sewer department at 625-7900.