No harassment, stalking charges for former SPD officer



Posted on August 1, 2013 at 3:13 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 1 at 11:46 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A former Spokane police officer accused of stalking and harassment will not be charged with any crimes.  Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker announced his decision Thursday.

Officer Jeff Graves resigned from his position with the Spokane Police Department in June amid the accusations.

Lawyers sorted through more than 1,000 pages documents Grave’s two-week affair with the female accuser. The records showed thousands of text messages, pictures, and Facebook messages between the two.

“There's some not too graphic things, but some where they're sending pictures, sexting,” said Tucker.

He said that Graves and his accuser connected on Facebook and eventually met in person. The woman asked Graves if a former boyfriend had a no contact order against her according to investigators.

“There was one,” said Tucker. “Officer Graves served her with that protection order.”

Despite knowing that, Graves continued the relationship according to the investigation. Tucker said the two exchanged more than 4,000 text messages, but that the majority was from her to him.

The report even shows the woman contacted Graves' wife and a co-worker of the wife. Documents showed the affair went sour when the woman wanted her key back.

“Toward the end she was really adamant about getting her key back,” said Tucker. “He claimed he tried to give it back and she wouldn't take it. They just go back and fourth on everything that was said.”

Tucker said there was no evidence in the case to charge Graves with anything.

SPD leaders said they put Graves on administrative leave Thursday, May 9 immediately after they were made aware of allegations of misconduct by Graves. Leaders also initiated an internal affairs investigation.