New Aryan Nations compound leader faces financial trouble


by Ashley Korslien &

Posted on November 29, 2012 at 3:39 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 8 at 1:24 AM

NEAR PRIEST RIVER, Idaho - KREM 2 News looked into Aryan Nations leader Shaun Winkler’s background and found financial trouble for the man planning to build a local “rally point” for white power in North Idaho.

Winkler told KREM 2 News that he wants to build an Aryan compound in North Idaho’s Hoodoo Mountains southeast of the small town of Priest River.

“We could build a home front for white people and the Anglo-Saxons could come enjoy gatherings, not just for cross lightings, but in the spring we will have a little folk fest,” said Winkler.  “It will be with Aryan memorabilia as far as WWII items and history of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Winkler’s current 17 acre plot in the Hoodoo Mountains where he originally planned to build the new Aryan Nations compound is going into foreclosure because he logged timber without permission and hasn’t paid his mortgage in almost a year.

Financial documents obtained by KREM 2 News show Winkler owes almost $69,000 on the property and is nearly $10,000 behind in mortgage payments to the seller.

KREM 2 News also found two judgments against Winkler.  One is in the amount of $6,300, the other for $759.

Court documents name collection agency North Idaho Credit Corp as the plaintiff that is collecting the money on behalf of Kootenai Medical Center.

Winkler is also delinquent on property taxes from 2011 for about $42.
When Winkler loses his current property in foreclosure, he’s prepared to move ahead with the compound on another piece of land.

A supporter of Winkler's failed bid for Bonner County Sheriff that Winkler identified only as a retired Los Angeles police officer is offering up five acres of his land in the same Hoodoo Mountain region.

“Definitely very grateful and thankful there are people out there that still believe in our ideals and our cause,” said Winkler.
Winkler plans on moving there next spring and will start work on the compound.

“We're only here for white civil rights,” said Winkler.  “We aren’t here to kill anybody, we aren’t here to cause harm to anyone. It’s why we choose to be out in isolated areas. We just don't want nothing to do with their society.  When someone says you are a racist I say, well, I guess if having love for my race is a racist then I guess I am.  So I don't really ever take it to be a real big offense.”