Neighbors fear talking on camera about trafficking home


by Ashley Korslien &

Posted on May 24, 2012 at 6:08 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 7:31 PM

SPOKANE-- The Spokane County Sheriff's Office confirmed Thursday that they arrested four people in the first reported case of human trafficking in Spokane County.

The Sheriff's Office said four people were arrested Wednesday during a SWAT raid in Spokane Valley on East Nora.

According to the search warrant, the victim told deputies she had been forced to perform sexual acts and held against her will for more than a year. The victim reported she was last raped on May 21st. She escaped on the 22nd.

The victim said she was taken between 5 houses in Spokane Valley. She said all of the homes were involved in meth manufacturing.

The home located on Nora was the main location where she lived and stayed. It is in a relatively isolated area right off the freeway.

Neighbors on east Nora say there have been problems with the people living inside that blue house for months.

None of them wanted to talk on camera, but did speak with KREM 2’s Ashley Korslien.

Most of the windows out front have been boarded up and there's a lot of broken glass scattered on the lawn.

There aren't a lot of neighbors in the area, but we did talk with a few who say they had a bad feeling about the guys living in the house.

One neighbor told me she's always thought there were drugs going through the home but never imagined there could be anything as bad as trafficking.

The majority of the neighbors say they tried to avoid the house and the people living in side as much as they could.

Everyone we spoke to said they didn't want to go on camera because they wanted nothing to do with the entire situation.
Some were fearful for their safety.