Neighbor fed up with Mead Royale crime



Posted on February 8, 2014 at 10:09 AM

Updated Sunday, Feb 9 at 10:45 AM

MEAD, Wash. -- After neighbors complained about criminal activity near the Mead Royale mobile home park along N. Market, KREM 2 News talked to residents there to see if crime is perception or reality.

WATCH: Sheriff, neighbors discuss stopping crime in Mead

People at a town hall meeting this week complained about the mobile home park as a magnet for criminals, drug addicts, and thugs.

Michelle Zorn, who lives at Mead Royale, said the crime is very real in the area.

“I've had lots of things stolen out of my yard, most recently in August my home was burglarized and they stole $5-$8,000 worth of stuff,” Zorn said.
Zorn is certified nursing assistant who has lived in the Mead Royale complex on and off her whole life.  She says crime there is a daily occurrence and most of it can be traced to drugs.

“They're obviously into drugs.  My mom lives near me and [I] watched out her window while some of them were shooting the other up with something.”

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said he has upped patrols in the area and much of the property crime has stopped.

“Now that we've cleaned this up, we're going to be focusing a little more on Highway 2 and 395,” said Knezovich.
Zorn said she's seen more deputies and calls Crime Check all the time, but the extra patrols still aren't enough.

The manager of Mead Royale could not be reached for comment.