NEW DETAILS: Why deputy shooter was released from jail


by Katie Utehs &

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 4:41 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 5 at 6:21 PM

SPOKANE-- An audio recording obtained by KREM 2 News, reveals attorneys arguing over Charles Wallace's release from prison for drug rehab.

On June 19th he shot two Spokane County Deputies after fleeing.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich called out the federal judge who sent Charles Wallace to drug rehab before his trial.

Cameras and recording devices are not allowed in federal courthouses. This audio was recorded by the court.

The recording shed some light on the decision making process of letting Charles Wallace go to drug rehab.

On May 10th Charles Wallace’s attorney fought to get him out of jail. He was being held on a heroin indictment.

His attorney Jamie Hawk told magistrate judge Cynthia Imbrogno jail lockdown had been difficult for Wallace. "He actually fell and broke his wrist as well and didn't get any medical treatment from Saturday until Wednesday."

Wallace was released to an inpatient drug treatment program.

The U.S. Attorney's office argued during the may bond hearing, "the united states believes there is a flight risk as well as a potential danger to the community in this case."

Wallace had prior drug and alcohol convictions as well as escape.

"It’s the united states position that the treatment center does not provide the level of security that's required to ensure Mr. Wallace's appearance in court."

At the hearing Judge Imbrogno asked for more information about Wallace’s background.

She approved the drug treatment towards the end of May but warned Wallace to do his part at the hearing before making her decision. "If it can be done look forward not backwards."

Wallace was transferred on May 31st and escaped days later.

The judge’s clerk says she's not allowed to comment on cases.

The U.S. Attorneys’ office can appeal judge's release decisions, but they don't always do so.

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