Murder suspect promised $20,000, never received a dime



Posted on February 27, 2014 at 6:25 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 3 at 10:53 AM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.—Sources told KREM 2 News on Thursday that Timothy Suckow was promised $20,000 to kill Doug Carlile, but never received a dime.  Law enforcement has refused to confirm these claims.

Suckow was arrested in January for the December shooting death of Carlile. He faces an aggravated murder charge, which could send him to death row if he is convicted. Prosecutors have until March 13th to decide whether to pursue the death penalty.

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Authorities believe Suckow killed Carlile as part of a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by Carlile’s business partner, James Henrikson.  Henrikson was arrested on unrelated weapons charges. He is currently awaiting trial in North Dakota.

Timothy Suckow is the only person charged in the murder of South Hill businessman Doug Carlile. However, court documents indicated that detectives believe several others may have had a role.

A man who was mentioned in a 12-page affidavit detailing the case against Suckow spoke to KREM 2 News. He admitted that he knows Henrikson and said he worked with him.

“James is a funny character, man. He’s a rollercoaster. He goes up and down. High and low. He’s like a little studio gangster, little studio movie actor,” said the man.

He said he was not involved in the Carlile murder. He said he has never met Suckow but did hear a few details about the murder for hire plot from some associates, including that Suckow was never paid for the hit. 

“It was a two part payment and he never got the first installment payment,” said the man.

The man told KREM 2 he is not sure why his name and so many others were brought into a case they had nothing to do with. He said he has not talked to Henrikson since the end of December.

“He’s a smart guy but he’s also stupid at the same time,” said the man.

Court records showed Henrikson is tied to the disappearance of another business associate KC Clark. Clark’s family believes he was murdered.