Moscow school makes changes in wake of Newtown tragedy



Posted on December 13, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 13 at 7:40 PM

MOSCOW, Idaho -- In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, administrators at Moscow High School took a closer look at school safety and decided to make improvements.

The biggest of those involved the main entrance to the school on the 3rd Street side of the building, where buses drop off students.  Most students and visitors have entered the school through those doors over the years.

Visitors had always needed to report to the main office, but in order to do that, they would have to walk through the school to the other side of the building.

“So we were looking for a way to have more presence over here when about 80 percent of our students enter through this 3rd Street door,” said Principal Erik Perryman.  “So we needed to have those more monitored during the day.” 

School officials decided to build a second office on the 3rd Street side.  From there, school administrators can view who is entering and leaving the building.

“It’s been a nice addition for us,” Perryman said.  “It's cut down on truancies, kids trying to slide out and that kind of thing, so it's been nice.”

The 3rd Street doors that once remained unlocked all day are now only useable during the lunch hour.  Perryman said a school employee keeps close watch during that time. 

Most of the other doors also remain locked, except for the 5th Street entrance.  All visitors must now enter through there and walk just a few feet to the main office.

“This has been a safe school.  We will remain a safe school,” said Perryman. “We are as vigilant as we can be and always hoping that nothing bad happens for sure.”

Perryman said another important form of security is to get to know all of Moscow High’s students and what is happening in their lives.