Mayor proposes big pay raises for several city employees



Posted on November 1, 2012 at 5:32 PM

SPOKANE-- Spokane Mayor David Condon wants big pay increases for a few city administrators, but the idea isn’t sitting well with everyone on City Council.

This year Mayor Condon proposed the elimination of 100 city jobs, and is now asking to use some of the savings for raises for five administrators.

City Council President Ben Stuckart doesn’t agree with the salary bumps. He said, “You can't straight face tell me that they deserve it but the other city employees don't.”

Condon says because of layoffs, the administrators have had to assume more responsibility. He added, “These people work long hours, they work throughout the weekends and others.”

Spokane City Empoyee '12 Salary Proposed '13 Salary  % Increase
Gavin Cooley, Chief Financial Officer $123,463 $143,091 13.70%
Pam Dolan, Accounting Director $113,729 $125,760 9.60%
Tim Dunivant, Managment & Budget Director $108,221 $128,350 15.70%
Heather Lowe, Human Resources Director $113,141 $124,258 8.90%
Scott Chesney, Planning Services Director $84,091 $102,897 18.30%

Carly Cortright is the union president for the Managerial & Professional Association, which represents employees in the city’s Finance Department.

She says earlier this year the finance employees agreed to a three year wage freeze to help solve budget woes, and hearing of Cooley and the others’ wage increases was a slap in the face. “He is getting a 20-thousand dollar pay raise and we are laying off eight people this year? There is a bit of a discrepancy,” Cortright said.

City council members plan to vote on the Mayor’s proposed budget December 3rd and can reject the requested salary increases.