Man mentioned in Doug Carlile affidavit defends name



Posted on January 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 4:43 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A man named in court documents about the murder of Douglas Carlile is speaking out about the allegations made to detectives.

Records name Todd Bates as being the link between James Henrikson and Timothy Suckow.

Lead investigators believe Henrikson, one of Carlile’s business associates, contracted the killing but he has not been named a suspect. Suckow was arrested Monday in connection to Carlile’s murder. He made his first appearance in court Tuesday to face 1st degree murder charges.

Bates spoke to KREM 2 News exclusively and said he barely knows Henrikson and has never met Suckow. He said when he heard his name was in court documents regarding the murder of Douglas Carlile he was shocked.

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Court documents say a man told detectives he overheard a conversation with Bates and James Henrikson talking about a previous job. The witness said he heard Henrikson tell Bates that this job would pay the same as the last job. The witness told detectives the last job was Casey Clark, Henrikson’s operations manager who has been missing since February 2012.

Bates said he barley knows Henrikson and has not talked to him in a year. He admits he filled out an application to work for Henrikson but said it did not work out.

Court documents also say detectives checked police records that found Bates and Suckow knew each other. Bates said that is not true. He added that he had to Google Suckow to see what he looked like.

Bates admitted that he has a less than a perfect past. He said all he wants to do now is provide a good life for his kids.

Spokane Police have never said Bates or Henrikson are suspect in the Carlile case.