Man connected to deputy shooter living in Spokane Officer’s rental

Man connected to deputy shooter living in Spokane Officer’s rental

Man connected to deputy shooter living in Spokane Officer’s rental


by KREM Staff

Katie Utehs

Posted on June 25, 2012 at 4:56 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 12 at 1:03 AM

SPOKANE-- The man accused of helping Charles Wallace before he shot two deputies may have some connection to a Spokane Police Officer.

Robert Ruth was arrested last week for rendering criminal assistance. County records show Ruth lived in a home owned by a Spokane Police Officer.

KREM 2's Katie Utehs looked into this connection to see if any department policy was violated.

Utehs contacted the Spokane Police Department about the issue. They said an officer's personal rental business is separate from their job as a police officer.

After Wallace shot two deputies the officer tried to contact Ruth, who's also his tenant.

Detectives outline the friendship between Robert Ruth and Charles Wallace in court documents, describing Wallace as a fugitive who ultimately shot two Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies. Documents describe Ruth as someone who helped Wallace with a place to stay after he skipped out on court ordered drug treatment.

The documents also reveal a connection between a Spokane Police Officer and Ruth.

County records show that officer Beau Brannon and his wife owned the house Ruth lived in. The Spokane Police Department says officers are allowed to work in real estate.

Ruth was staying at 903 East Princeton at the end of May when he was shot there in a home invasion robbery.

Major Scalise says officers can't just evict tenant even they find out about a criminal record.
Brennan is also a member of the Drug Task Force; the team who searched for Wallace.

Court records say Brennan and another Drug Task Force investigator visited Ruth in the hospital after he was shot.

Throughout the nearly three week investigation into Wallace leading up to the shooting, court documents show Officer Brennan maintained contact with Ruth.

After Wallace shot deputies Matt Spink and Michael Northway, Brennan called Ruth "in an attempt to facilitate the apprehension of Charles Wallace."

Court records say Ruth hung-up, but he was arrested the next day.

The police department says they are asking the leaders of the Drug Task Force to see if Ruth was a paid informant or not.

Monday the department says there is no conflict of interest.