Sheriff candidate’s son accused of threatening to shoot up Wendy's



Posted on March 11, 2014 at 4:58 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 11 at 6:40 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--The son of a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff candidate and current Spokane Police Department detective is accused of threatening to shoot up a local Wendy’s restaurant, according to court documents. 

Court documents show that Oliver Orr, the son of Doug Orr, had been fired from the restaurant on S. Regal Street and E. 44th Avenue. Court documents stated that Orr walked into the Wendy’s on August 24  and exchanged a few words with an employee he knew.

Records went on to state that Orr then ordered a large coke and a chili. Orr threw his drink onto the employee’s back, according to the documents. Orr then said, “Oops, my pop’s empty.” The employee told Orr he needed to leave and he did after using expletives, according to documents.

Phone records showed that Orr called Wendy’s 13 times in ten minutes after he left the restaurant. Some of the phone calls were answered by employees while others were left unanswered, according to records. Authorities said the employee, who Orr allegedly threw his drink, on answered the phone. She claimed that Orr told her “they should all shoot themselves.”

Orr added that he would get his shotgun, come to Wendy’s, and shoot them if the employees did not shoot themselves according to court documents.

Records also added that Orr told a manager over the phone that he should commit suicide. Orr allegedly said that if the manager did not, he would get a gun and do it for him.

An employee who was not working the night of the alleged threat apparently quit in fear of Orr’s actions, according to documents.

Records show that Orr said he accidentally spilled the pop and it did not get onto the employee. Orr added that he repeatedly called Wendy’s to annoy the employees but he was adamant that he did not threaten to come to the restaurant and shoot them. Documents said Orr added he was only implying the employees should shoot themselves. Orr also said he does not own or have any interest in firearms.

Documents said a check with the Washington State Department of Licensing showed that Orr does not have a concealed weapons permit and does not have any registered firearms in his name.

Washington State Police handled the investigation. Officials said they are recommending Orr be charged with Fourth Degree Assault and Harassment with Threats to Kill.

Prosecutors were reviewing the case as of Tuesday.