Mail carrier will not deliver because of dog



Posted on January 12, 2010 at 7:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 13 at 1:01 PM

SPOKANE -- A North Spokane mail carrier is refusing to deliver to the Autumn Ridge Apartment complex.  Problems with a dog has turned a standoff between the Postal Service and the apartment complex.

Several dozen tenants in building C are frustrated.  They recently received a letter from the post office that said because of several recent dog attacks near their mail boxes, no mail would be delivered to the building.  The letter names an incident around Christmas when a dog ran through an open doorway and charged a mail carrier.

Tamara Robles says her dog is friendly and denies the event ever happened.

"If he had a problem with our dog, why didn't he come and talk to us instead of reporting something that didn't happen?" said Robles.

Neighbor Louis Stermer says he tried to resolve the issue with the mail carrier.

"He said that he's not going to deliver to this building as long as that dog is down there, because he's been bit before.  He's not going to be bitten again," said Stermer.

In the letter, the post office states it wants the complex to move the mailboxes to another location.  Otherwise, tenants will have to continue to get their mail at a main office two miles away and eventually get a P.O. box.

KREM 2 called apartment management.  But they declined to make any comment.  A post office customer service representative says the post office has an obligation to protect its employees.

"The management aren't effected by it so they could just turn their back and walk away from the problem.  You think for one minute if the manager wasn't getting her mail, she wouldn't be fixing doing something about it.  She would be evicting these people, if it were affecting her mail," said Stermer.

The post office says it will meet this Friday with apartment management.  It appears they have reached a tentative agreement to move the mailboxes somewhere else in the complex.