Low prices at new gas station sparks gas war in Spokane


by Othello Richards & KREM.com


Posted on January 24, 2012 at 5:45 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 24 at 6:23 PM

SPOKANE-- A brand new Maverick station at Highway 2 and Day Mount Spokane Road is selling gas for under $3 a gallon and it appears the price has started a gas war.

The new Maverick gas station is selling regular unleaded for 2.98 a gallon.

In the same area a chevron shows 3.01, and a Cenex is below $3 a gallon.

North Spokane County appears to be showcasing some of the lowest gas prices in the Spokane area.

Spokane in general right now has lower fees than everywhere else in the state.

According the AAA, the state average is 3.45 a gallon.

In Spokane, drivers are paying 3.18 and that's below the national average of $3.38.

AAA officials tell us it is rare for Spokane to sit below national levels because

Washington has higher gas taxes, and doesn't have the same network of refineries as many areas of the U.S. do.

As for the low prices in North Spokane County, officials say they don't know the exact reason why. They say it's common to see local market competition.

AAA says Spokane can also see competition with gasoline prices just over the border in Idaho.