Fate of Mead High School student who threatened teacher still undecided


by KREM.com


Posted on October 30, 2009 at 4:21 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 2 at 3:08 PM

SPOKANE -- The fate of the Mead High School junior who threatened to kill his teacher remains uncertain tonight.

He's facing felony harassment charges for what he calls a joke, but the boys possible expulsion and charges are drawing a lot of opinions.

At Mead, the principals have been inundated with calls from teachers, students and other staff members who are very divided over what should happen to the 16-year-old boy.

"I've known the kid for a long time. It just doesn't sound like something he would do, and I don't know what would have possessed him to do it," said Mead High School senior Jeremy Rise.

Mead parent Karen Crawford agreed, "this kid is probably a prankster. I think he learned his lesson," she said.

Everyone seems to have an opinion and many of those views are putting the school district in a tough position.

"Suspension at the most, maybe some counseling. I have a freshmen and a sophomore and they say things they don't mean and I would hate to see if they have a record," said Mead parent Judy Fuller.

"If the investigation comes out where it's a joke, his standing at the school and all of that will be considered, and if it's a positive thing he would get suspension," says Ralph Thayer with the Mead School District.

A former Ferris High School teacher, Michelle Klein says that whether it was a joke or not the issue shouldn't be taken lightly, "this teacher whether he's prosecuted or not and she sees that as justice, she has that moment for the rest of her life to live through."

Back in 2005, a disgruntled student threatened Klien via email and was expelled. Never thinking just a few months later he would bring a gun to school. "The young man later said he knew he could have shot me, he just didn't think he could turn the gun on himself in time," said Klein of the frightening ordeal.

She says even though a gun wasn't found this time, you just never know. "To go, oh he should get off because he's a kid. Well, good kids do bad things...the message needs to be out there and he said he was just kidding too. That if you make these choices, there's serious consequences," said Klein.