Temple Beth Shalom prepares for Holocaust Memorial Day




Posted on April 24, 2014 at 5:26 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 24 at 6:45 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Jewish Community in Spokane is preparing for one of its largest public events of the year on Sunday. However, security concerns have moved the event from outdoors to inside. It comes two weeks after a deadly shooting in Kansas killed three people at Jewish community center.

Leaders at Temple Beth Shalom in Spokane have not made any changes to their security plan for International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Outside of the temple is a memorial to the victims of the holocaust. A sculpture honors six million people who lost their lives.  The names of the survivors who live in Spokane are inside the church.

The Jewish community comes together each year to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day.

It is one of the temple’s largest events all year. Rabbi Michael Goldstein said they have more people there to protect everyone attending.

“We want everyone to feel secure, to feel safe, we want them to, at the same time, to feel welcome,” said Rabbi Goldstein.

The shootings in Kansas have brought attention to the challenge of keeping people safe. It has been an ongoing issue for Jewish communities, including those in Spokane.

“This congregation was the recipient of threats at the time of the Zenith of the White Supremacist movement in Northern Idaho,” said Rabbi Goldstein.

As the temple prepares for the event, Rabbi Goldstein said we should remember all communities are in this together.

“A hate crime or an action which is coming from a place of hate, we can never really know what will, who will be affected and what will be the outcome,” said Rabbi Goldstein.

Temple Beth Shalom increases security every year for major events. Temple leaders said they have never had an incident where they needed to use their security.