Local nurses head to Haiti to help survivors


by KREM.com


Posted on January 27, 2010 at 7:51 PM

SPOKANE-- Two local nurses are preparing to go into Haiti to help survivors.

Both of the nurses got involved with a small charity called Cure International.

They say they are prepared for long days, long nights, and a life experience like no other.

Wednesday Cassandra Dubbels treats little Jacob in a familiar room at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

In less than a week, life will be different in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

Dubbels will be with fellow emergency room nurse Tina Morrison.

After the earthquake hit, Morrison felt a need to help.

She joined and donated thousands of dollars to the small charity Cure International.

Cure has a hospital in the Dominican Republic, close to Haiti.

Morrison says its doctors and nurses were one of the first to arrive and begin treating the injured Haitians.

She and Dubbels volunteered next Monday to fly to Haiti, to relieve some of them.

The nurses were told they are supposed to bring food for themselves for the duration of the stay.

Because the FAA has banned all commercial flights to Haiti, Cure relies on large donors to sponsor private flights.

Morrison and Dubbels expect to be in Haiti anywhere from one week to three weeks, or even longer depending when flights can return.

The nurses say they are looking forward to the journey ahead and most importantly, helping the people of Haiti in their desperate time of need.