Musician raises money to reopen the Big Dipper music venue



Posted on February 25, 2014 at 3:01 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 9:21 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--A local musician was asking for help in revitalizing a piece of Spokane history on Tuesday. Dan Hoerner owns the Big Dipper in Downtown Spokane and wants to reopen it as a full-time venue.

Hoerner has to do thousands of dollars in repairs in order to reopen the venue.

The Big Dipper has sat on the corner of Washington and Second in Downtown Spokane for more than 100 years.

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"There's wood that was put in this building in 1913. There's wood that doesn't exist in the world anymore,” said Hoerner.

Hoerner grew up in Spokane and played some of his very first rock shows at the Big Dipper before forming his band “Sunny day Real Estate” in Seattle in the 90s.

Hoerner said the Big Dipper had some big names over the years visit the venue.
"With Mudhoney… Who by the way is the only band ever to close this building down because there was too many people here,” said Hoerner.

The space eventually ran into disrepair. Dan took action.

"We looked at it for what it was - a diamond in the rough,” said Hoerner.

Hoerner was hoping to reopen the Big Dipper as a fulltime music venue. He said he first needs to raise the funds to install a fire sprinkler system so the building is up to code.

Hoerner started a fund on the website Indiegogo to make his dreams a reality.

"If we put fire sprinklers in here, if we get occupancy to where it needs to be. This place is going to pop again. It will be a living organism, paying taxes to the city of Spokane and part of a vibrant community,” said Hoerner.

Hoerner said he has funded much of the repairs himself but now he needs the community’s help.