Local mom to bike thieves: ‘you made a 9-year-old cry’




Posted on September 15, 2013 at 5:14 PM

Updated Sunday, Sep 15 at 6:35 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A local mother was so upset over her son’s missing bike, she put a sign in her yard hoping to call out whoever did it.

Dominique McGuire said the bike was about $130, but also said it was not about the money.  Her son, Damon McKee, 9, worked extra chores for months to save up for the bicycle.

"And somebody just walks off with what he worked so hard for.  It’s just not fair," said McGuire.

According to McGuire, the bike was stolen from their back yard in Hillyard on N. Cook Street and E. Cleveland Avenue.

"I went to go get my bike and it was missing," Damon said.  He discovered the bike was gone Friday.  Damon used it to ride to school everyday.

Damon’s mother was so outraged, she put up a sign, saying whoever stole the 9-year-old’s bike should be ashamed.

"You can go sell it and make some money off of it, but look at what you did to him," said McGuire.

The bicycle is a black painted Mongoose children’s bike with five-star rims.  McGuire said there should be a green lock and cable wrapped around the handlebars.

Dominique was asking anyone with information to contact her through Facebook.  She was offering a $50 reward to help track the stolen bike down.