Little league offers rewards, sets up cameras to catch crooks



Posted on June 17, 2014 at 6:24 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 17 at 8:35 PM

HAYDEN, Idaho.-- Parents are taking action after crooks caused thousands of dollars in damage at a little league park in North Idaho.

Parents set up security cameras at Hayden Little League in an attempt to catch the culprits who hit the park five times in recent weeks. The league offered a $1,000 reward for a tip leading to their identification.

Little League President Tyson Davis said the culprits did everything from trashing concession stands and taking food to driving off with an equipment trailer on Tuesday.

“[They] poured paint into our brand new barbecue that we had just purchased. Ruined it,” Davis explained.

David estimated the damages to the facility, often used to host regional tournaments, cost close to $7,000.

“To see it being vandalized and beat-up the way it is is atrocious, I don’t appreciate it,” he said.

Davis said it was especially frustrating given the amount of time and effort put into the field.

“We spend more time on our fields, prepping [and] making them the most beautiful fields in North Idaho, than we do at home or at work,” he said.

Davis said the hardest part was trying to explain the abuse to the young ball players.

“it kills me to the core because this is my first year as president of Hayden Little League,” Davis said. “I love the fact of coming out to this complex and the kids coming up and saying, ‘hey Coach, how are you?’.”

Leaders hoped installing the security cameras would help get the fields back in shape for an upcoming All Star Tournament.