Illegally parking parents frustrate Shadle Park residents



Posted on December 4, 2012 at 6:14 AM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 4 at 6:14 AM

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- Shadle Park neighbors say they’re fed up with people parking illegally near the high school.

It’s happening as teenagers get out of school, and it’s making it hard for people to leave their homes. Neighbors say drivers not only park in the no parking zones, but also in their driveways.

Josette Allen lives across the street from Shadle Park High School. She says parents wait outside her house to pick up their kids. She calls it frustrating, and even intimidating.

“I’ve literally been trapped,” she says. “My kids have to see people flipping us off.”

Allen says the conditions forced her to change the way she lives.

“I have a three-car garage that I’m not even parking in so that people won’t park me into my garage.”

Allen and other neighbors say they’ve asked Spokane’s Parking Enforcement to patrol the area. Officials warned some drivers this week, but they reportedly didn’t seem to have much remorse.

KREM 2 decided to check out the claims. There weren’t any cars blocking driveways Monday afternoon, but there were dozens of cars parked illegally.

“I wasn’t blocking any buses or anything. I just needed to pick up my daughter,” driver Harry Borland said.

Drivers say there aren’t many places to wait for students, and the area itself is too congested to keep it moving.

Shadle Park residents say this is about more than inconvenience. It comes down to safety. Neighbors worry about a lack of visibility when kids cross the streets.

Parking Enforcement says they will be back again, and next time, they’ll hand out tickets.