Homeowner near Lake Spokane wildfire refuses to evacuate




Posted on July 10, 2014 at 6:10 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 10 at 8:15 PM

STEVENS COUNTY, Wash.--The Lake Spokane wildfire near Long Lake reached 80% containment on Thursday night. The fire had burned more than 900 acres in one day.

The wildfire forced evacuations and threatened more than 60 buildings. Charcoal was flying into people’s yards on Thursday. One homeowner said the fire had not moved close enough to scare him on Thursday.

“I'm packed up. I'm not going to go down with the ship, don't get me wrong but I'll definitely do what I can do,” said homeowner TC Bare.

PHOTOS: Lake Spokane wildfire reaches 80% containment
Bare had lived on his 13-acre property in Long Lake for ten-years. He found himself living very close to a fire line on Thursday.

“We got a call saying it was up to a level three evacuation which means you're supposed to leave immediately,” said Bare.

Everyone living along State Route 231 between Corkscrew Canyon and State Route 291 were asked to evacuate their homes.

Bare said he chose to go against the orders of the Sheriff’s Office.

“My house is safe enough so I feel safer here than getting all my animals packing them in a rig and taking them who knows where,” said Bare. “This is where I live, I'm going to protect it if I can.”

The Sheriff’s Office cannot force people out of their homes.

Corkscrew Canyon Road was open Thursday evening.