Flooding in Lincoln County tears up couple's driveway




Posted on March 6, 2014 at 6:25 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 6 at 9:20 PM

LINCOLN COUNTY, Wash--Water gushed over the roadway Thursday on Highway 25, just outside of Davenport.

The flooding eroded the edge of the road, forcing the Department of Transportation to put up cones and signs warning drivers. 

A couple who lived in the area said they had never seen flooding like it.

Richard and Shirley Gunning said water filled a natural drainage Wednesday, then spilled over and tore up their driveway.

The Gunnings said Wednesday night, another spurt of floodwater washed out a four-foot section of the driveway that sat over a culvert.

“It’s never done any damage like this,” said Richard.

The damaged driveway left the Gunnings stranded and forced them to rely on their children to take them into town.

“We are on Gilligan’s island,” Shirley said. “Gilligan was on this island, many years.”

The family did not have flood insurance, meaning the repairs would have to come straight from their pockets, but they had no choice.

“We’ve got to get somebody here with heavy equipment to fill this in,” said Richard“Because we can’t get out of here.”

The couple said they were looking for someone with heavy equipment to help them fill the driveway in.