Explosives found in Rathdrum may have been left by road workers


by Kevin Larson


Posted on March 9, 2012 at 7:16 PM

RATHDRUM, Idaho--The Spokane County bomb unit was called out last night to detonate a suspicious device found on a homeowner's property southwest of Rathdrum.

Investigators now say it appeared to be commercial grade explosives.

A neighbor found the device near Wyoming Street.   Investigators would like to know how it got there.

Charles Stenerson is renting a home out to a man on his property. The man has ducks that like to lay eggs next to some trees that separate his land from the neighbors. “Apparently he was looking for duck eggs and he found those.”

Those being three sticks that looked like explosives.   His renter called authorities.

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office determined the device to be common commercial grade explosives.

Authorities tell us they're typically used in road constriction projects.

Diana Howell owns the farmland next to Stenerson. She says bomb technicians detonated the device in the field. “It’s a big boom and the windows in the house rattled.” her home sat more than a quarter mile away

Authorities tell us there has been road work in the area the past year.  They’re curious if a crew mistakenly left the explosives there. 

Howell finds what happened unnerving. “Would have lost farm equipment and life if someone would have drove over something like that with one of the equipment.”

Authorities tell us commercial grade explosives are very stable and most likely a vehicle would not set it off.

Investigators are trying to determine where it came from.