Shooter assaults 87-year-old woman, she fights back with cane


by KREM staff & Katie Utehs

Posted on June 20, 2012 at 5:28 PM

Updated Thursday, Jun 21 at 9:42 AM

SPOKANE-- Desperate to flee the scene police say Charles Wallace broke into an 87-year-old woman's home. But she fought back by hitting him with her cane.

KREM 2's Katie Utehs spoke with the woman who fought with a man who'd just shot two deputies.

After shooting the two deputies Wallace ran several blocks from the crime scene and broke into a house and attacked an elderly woman.
Mary Rock is a solid 87-year-old who lives by herself.

She fought back when Wallace broke through her back door Tuesday night. "He said, 'I want your car, I'm going to take your car.' I said, 'you can't have my car.'"

Moments earlier he'd shot two Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies as they tried to arrest him on a warrant for federal drug charges. It happened blocks from Mary’s North Spokane home on N. Andrew Ct.

"And I said, 'get out of my house. You don't belong in here get out of here.'" Wallace ripped the phone out of the wall as she tried to call police. "And I said, 'wow this man means business.'"

Mary couldn't have known he'd shot the deputies, but knew by his determined look something was wrong. "Now I says, 'get out of here', and I began hitting him on the shoulder with my cane. And he pushed me over and I fell on the ground."

Then she says Wallace grabbed her purse with the car keys. Mary chased him outside to where her car was parked in the driveway. "And he knocked me down again and I got up and I began hitting him and he ran."

He fled in Mary’s Honda, eventually crashing and shooting him self in the head.

"They said that he did have a gun and I was lucky I didn't get the gun."

Mary says she never saw the gun, but she's so uneasy about living here now, she may move.