Parking lot confrontation helps detectives crack three-year long stalking case



Posted on December 3, 2013 at 5:54 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 11:03 AM

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash.--Detectives arrested a man in a stalking case KREM 2 News brought to you earlier in the fall of 2013.

The victim said she feared her stalker was calling her while watching her walk to her car. New cell phone records show that is likely the case.

The victim said she is relieved by the arrest of her harasser but she is still scared. She has never met Richard Carpenter but detectives are confident he has seen her.

WATCH: Detectives go after Spokane woman’s relentless stalker

The victim in the case has lived in fear for years.

“I would get calls in the grocery store, as I left the grocery store, most often it was when I was leaving a building and walking to my car,” said the victim.

She received dozens of calls over the past three years. She said sometimes there would be silence on the other line and sometimes there would be a haunting voice.

“He appreciated how my hair was that day, thought it looked very nice. I asked who it was, it was very creepy, I asked who it was and he hung up,” said the victim.

The victim changed numbers but said that did not help. She said her stalker also used untraceable and even pay phones to prey on her. She said she always felt like she was being watched. Authorities believe she was likely being watched.

The victim said she confronted a man as he stared at her in a grocery store parking lot.

“He looked kind of like he'd been caught sort of. He didn't speak because I would have recognized his voice,” said the victim.

The encounter with the man was the break Major Crimes detectives said they needed. They tracked the suspect’s car and the latest number he had used to stalk her.

Detectives booked Richard Carpenter into the Spokane County Jail for telephone harassment.

Records show Carpenter denied knowing the victim, calling her number and frequenting her business. Records also show he denied dialing *67 prior to dialing her number. The investigation proved otherwise.

Cell phone towers proved Carpenter was likely in the very area of the victim on at least two of the harassing phone calls.