Local shooting investigation uncovers bulletproof vest and gun




Posted on January 13, 2014 at 6:29 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 13 at 7:20 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--Court documents released Tuesday afternoon show what evidence police have against a man accused of shooting a woman in the chest. Jahvory Kinard, 19, is charged with assault and robbery for allegedly shooting a woman twice during a drug deal.

The victim was later dumped off at a local hospital and survived the injuries.

Kinard is the older brother of homicide suspect Kenan Adams Kinard, one of the teens accused of beating a World War II veteran to death in the summer of 2013.

Documents showed detectives found a nine-millimeter semi automatic pistol under a bathroom sink where Kinard was arrested.

Detectives also found a bulletproof vest, ammunition and a lot of cash in the same apartment.

Kinard said detectives have it all wrong.

“Like that's what I don't get, I didn't shoot no body,” said Kinard.

Kinard said he had nothing to do with a shooting that left a woman with critical injuries. He said he was a friend’s house playing video games when police said the shooting happened. 

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The victim identified her attacker as Kinard. Court documents show she also picked him out of a phone line up.
Records showed the victim told police Kinard tried to rob her of $900 when he was set to sell her pills.

The victim told police her attacker was wearing a red sweatshirt and major crimes detectives recovered one that fit the bill at the apartment where Kinard was arrested.

The tenant of the apartment told a detective that Kinard had been staying there for about a week because he was hiding from someone who was out to get him.

Kinard said he thinks he is being targeted because of his family’s criminal history.

The victim also allegedly spoke to Kinard on the phone just prior to the shooting. Detectives have the number they believe is associated with Kinard. They are getting a search warrant through Verizon to prove it is his.