Crime lab confirms Deer Park boy found loaded murder weapon



Posted on February 26, 2014 at 2:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 26 at 6:20 PM

DEER PARK, Wash.— Washington State Patrol Crime Lab confirmed Wednesday that a gun found by a Deer Park boy on January 23 was the gun used to murder Harry Edward Giesbrecht.

Detectives said the .45 caliber handgun was cocked and loaded when the eight-year-old boy found it. 

The gun was underneath some leaves and a piece of wood four blocks from the murder scene. The victim was shot and killed Jan. 3 near Pine Crest Manor at East D Street.

WATCH: Boy finds loaded gun near Deer Park murder scene

Authorities said the boy brought the gun to the bus stop, got scared and threw it
A parent waiting with the kids grabbed the gun after it was thrown. Neighbors said they are incredibly grateful nobody was hurt.

“It easily could have been a tragedy,” said Hazel McGillivray.

An adult put the gun in a bag and contacted authorities. Detectives took the bag straight to the WSP Crime Lab.

“They were able to match that gun with a casing that was found in the victim's home on the ground,” said Deputy Craig Chamberlin.  “Along with a bullet that was taken from inside.”

Authorities are still working to trace the gun, find out who owned it and where it originated from.

Officers had arrested the murder suspect, 61-year-old Richard Klepacki, the night of the shooting. However, on Tuesday authorities said more arrests are possible.

Witnesses said there was a loud bang on the door, Giesbrecht, 53 opened the door, and a man shot him in the head. Deputies said no words were exchanged between the suspect and the victim. Two people were seen running from the scene at Pine Crest Manor at East D Street according to authorities.

Law enforcement found Klepacki hiding behind bushes at a near by middle school.