Creach family now calls the pastor's death murder



Posted on September 7, 2010 at 9:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 8 at 8:31 AM

SPOKANE VALLEY-- 15 days ago, Scott Creach was shot and killed by a Spokane County Deputy outside his own business and home. New details are out Tuesday from investigators about what happened, but the family says it doesn’t add up and Creach’s son says it was murder .

Authorities tried to give a clearer picture of what the deputy claimed happened that night. KREM 2 talked with Creach’s son Alan late Tuesday night. The family is angry, frustrated, and concerned. The patriarch of the Creach family, Scott Creach is dead. And on a day when Spokane Police release new details on its investigation, Creach’s son suggested a new word, murder. 

Tuesday, Alan Creach called the death of his father murder. It is a strong word and one that is not based on what investigators believe, but what Creach thinks. In a phone conversation Creach said, “I think there’ll be a declaration this was a murder.” Adding, “our family sat down and heard the graphic detail of how out father was killed. It wrenched our hearts.”

In a press conference earlier,  Spokane Police Lieutenant Dave McGovern described what Deputy Brian Hirzel described. He says he was parked in his car outside the plant farm, Creach’s business, right next to his house. Creach walked towards the deputy with his gun.

McGovern says, “he gave orders to Mr. Creach to drop the weapon. That he was a police officer. To drop the weapon. He said that four, five or maybe six times.”

Creach allegedly refused. Just feet from Hirzel, he put the gun in his pants waistband instead. Creach then refused to get on the ground when ordered.

Hirzel says he hit Creach in the knee with his Baton. 

McGovern then went on to say, “Mr Creach reached back with his right hand and started to draw out the gun, at that point, the deputy holstered his baton, grabbed a grip on his gun and fired. We have the statement from the deputy. Now, we have the evidence we’ve collected. We’ve got forensics testing. Witnesses. We have to put it together to come to a conclusion.”

But the Creach family says there is no evidence in the autopsy that Scott was hit with a baton. Spokane Police confirm that, but stress that an autopsy is not the only indicator. It's the key question the Creach's want answered.

Alan Creach says, “this whole thing as he’s run it back is, he was going as he’d been trained, my question is what kind of training does he have?”

Creach has faith in the investigation and has no ill will towards Spokane Valley Police.

Deputy Hirzel is on paid administrative leave.