Court denies appeal for former SPD officer Karl Thompson



Posted on June 17, 2014 at 11:39 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 17 at 1:11 PM

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SEATTLE, Wash. -- An appeals court has upheld a ruling against former Spokane Police Department officer Karl Thompson, who was convicted for lying about the 2006 beating of Otto Zehm.

The 9th Circuit Appeals Court affirmed the District Court's ruling in the case. Attorneys for Thompson appeared before the US Court of Appeals in Seattle earlier this month to appeal his conviction.

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Karl Thompson is serving a four-year sentence in federal prison. He was convicted in 2012 by a federal jury of using excessive force and lying to investigators in 2011 about Zehm’s death.

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Thompson’s lawyers asked for a new trial and alleged jury misconduct in his conviction.

The defense also claimed they were never notified of a prosecution expert’s finding that video in the case showed some consistencies with Thompson’s story. The prosecution expert never ended up taking the stand at Thompson’s trial.

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Thompson's team can still request to appear before all nine judges in the 9th Circuit Appeals Court to overturn the District Court's ruling. As of Tuesday, they had only appeared before three judges.