Footprints found in mud behind murder scene



Posted on December 18, 2013 at 4:41 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 25 at 4:43 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Court documents filed Wednesday revealed new details about what led up to a fatal S. Spokane shooting and what officers found at the scene.

Officers found Douglas Carlile, 63,  shot to death in his home Sunday night after his wife called 911. Police arrived around 7:00 p.m. on the scene near 25th and Garfield.

Police also found seven casings, five bullets, one tooth and a silver .22 caliber handgun. Court documents said the handgun was from the Carlile’s bedroom.  They also found a .44 caliber revolver in an office inside the home.

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Court documents said police arrived to find fresh footprints in the mud behind the home. However a police K9 was not successful in tracking the suspect. Police also found the backdoor of the home open. The victim’s wife was hiding upstairs in a closet according to authorities.

Carlile was shot in his kitchen. Court documents stated that he was bleeding from numerous gunshot wounds. The victim’s wife told authorities that she heard at least six gunshots. Officers found several bullet casings near Carlile’s body.

Investigators believe the gunman was waiting inside the home when Carlile and his wife came inside. His wife said there was a kitchen light on when they walked inside the house, but that she did not see anything out of the ordinary.

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Court documents detailed that she went upstairs. Carlile’s wife told authorities that she heard Douglas talking with a man in the kitchen once she was upstairs. Documents said she heard Carlile saying “don’t do anything.”

Records showed that the gunman looked at Carlile’s wife before he shot the victim. She ran and heard at least six gunshots according to the court documents. The victim’s wife told authorities that he did not recognize the suspect. 

The gunman was wearing dark clothing and a mask. Authorities believe the gunman may have left the scene in a white van.

Meanwhile, sources told KREM 2 News those close to the victim have urged detectives to investigate the man Carlile did business with in North Dakota.  Sources said Carlile's life was threatened days prior to his murder and it all involved that business partner. 

The partner was also allegedly involved in the disappearance of a young man in February of 2012, said some of Carlile’s loved ones grieving in North Dakota.

Police, however, would not confirm whether the business partner was a person of interest in the case.