Search warrants describe triple homicide crime scene, one boy sexually assaulted



Posted on February 14, 2012 at 1:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 7 at 4:52 PM

SPOKANE-- Search warrants released Tuesday reveal gruesome details of the scene of the North Spokane triple homicide.

Dustin Gilman was wanted for a triple homicide that left one woman and two children dead Friday night. Gilman was found dead in the woods near Hazard Rd in North Spokane.

Police say that on Friday at  6:38pm, Larry Gilman called 911 to report that he had received a disturbing phone call from his son, Dustin.

Dustin told him that he was in the woods, didn’t want to go back to jail, had blacked out, had blood all over him and had killed somebody. Larry Gilman reported hearing several gunshots close to the phone. After the final gunshot the conversation ended.

Gilman's half brother Travis O’Kelly crawled through the dog door of the home and found Tracy Ader's body.

About 30 minutes later, Spokane Police received a second 911 call. The caller reported finding a deceased female inside the home at 4411 N. Whitehouse. Patrol officers entered the house and found Tracy Ader in the basement, partially clothed with her hands bound behind her back, and duct tape over her mouth.

Officers located her two sons Damien and Kaden, ages 8 and 10 in an adjacent basement room.

All three victims had a ligature tied around their necks and appear to have been strangled to death. All three victims had been dead for at least several hours. The official autopsy results are pending.

Police say one of the boys was sexually assaulted.

Police also found a handgun with ammunition, and a medical marijuana grow in the basement.

Search warrants say the home had surveillance cameras but there is no information if anything was recorded.

Detectives located and spoke with Nick Ader, Tracy’s husband, who had been admitted to a local hospital the previous evening. Nick Ader confirmed that Dustin Gilman had been staying with the Ader’s for several months.

Officers were not able to locate Gilman, and determined he may have fled the scene in Tracy Ader’s 2007 Nissan Pathfinder.

Detectives continued to search for Dustin Gilman throughout the weekend, utilizing air support, SWAT, K9 teams, as well as local law enforcement agencies. Officers located the stolen Nissan Pathfinder on Sunday, around 4pm, in a parking lot behind the Zip Trip at Monroe and Wellesley.

The vehicle was unoccupied and seized as evidence.

During the course of the investigation, Detectives learned Dustin Gilman had also contacted a female friend Friday around 5pm. During that conversation Gilman said he had blacked out and when he woke up there were dead bodies around him. Detectives learned that Dustin Gilman had made the phone call to his father and the female friend using the 10 year old victim’s cell phone.

On Monday, around 7am detectives obtained more specific coordinates of the cell phone conversations that took place on Friday. This information prompted a search of the area. At 10am, SPD K9 and SWAT members located Dustin Gilman’s body in the woods near 900 West Hazard Rd.

An autopsy of Gilman’s body was completed Monday and determined Gilman died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The Medical Examiner has finished the autopsies on the Ader family, but are not releasing their cause of death.