Bus gets stuck as panicked parents look to find their kids


by KREM.com


Posted on December 2, 2010 at 11:20 PM

SPOKANE -- Some Spokane students were stuck on school buses because of bad roads.  One local parent put his child on a bus and was shocked to learn his boy was hours late getting to school.

Around 50 buses in the Spokane School District were delayed because of the bad roads.  Chains just didn't seem to cut through the thick slush.  But Paul Kohn put his son on the bus like usual and then got a call from the school.

"They wanted to know if Dilan was O.K., if he was going to make it to school or not and I didn't know that he didn't make it to school," said Kohn.

It turned out Dilan's bus was stuck in the snow. 
A concerned parent, Paul tried to track down his son who should have been at school hours ago.  They tried to push the bus but they couldn't and the students had to wait a couple of hours.

"They should have contacted the parents first, when it was stuck immediately," said Kohn.
The school district is doing things different Friday morning.  They are staggering bus times to avoid delays.  High school buses will start on time.  Middle school buses will be a half hour late.  Elementary school buses an hour late.

More of the side roads were plowed Thursday but Paul didn't want to take any chances.
"As a matter of fact, I went and picked him up today to make sure he got home at a descent hour," said Kohn.

The city has returned to a Stage 2 Snow Emergency.  City leaders say it may take days to get all the side streets cleared.  The school buses will continue to run chains.