Brothers thank Air One men who rescued them from N. Spokane woods


by Othello Richards,

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 11:18 PM

SPOKANE -- Two young brothers who spent hours lost in the North Spokane woods last month got to thank their rescuers tonight.

In a letter read to the rescue team tonight, one of the boys wrote, "Thanks for rescuing us. We saw dead animals and fog." Not to mention it was dark, windy, cold, and the two were all alone.

"I'm right on them Chad, so, OK, I see them there in the light," said one of the Air One team in a videotape during the rescue.

"If we were warmer, I would have jumped up and started doing jumping jacks or something to get them to see me, but I was just too cold and I was just frozen in one spot." said one of the brothers.

They were cold from trying to cross a river. Cold from the chill in the night air. It's a night that nine-year-old Jordan and seven-year-old Carson never want to re-live.

Tonight the two young brothers, along with their parents, gave a formal "thank you" to the flight crew of Air One--the Spokane County Sheriff's helicopter. Last month, the boys became separated from their mother while hiking in North Spokane county.

Jordan says he and his brother were looking for rocks and wandered too far. Their mother, Lisa Anselmo-Marnach, shouted for them. Her anxious calls went unanswered.

"Every second that would go by, the panic would just keep increasing and increasing, and I kept running faster and harder until, of course, I can't keep running," Anselmo-Marnach said.

Anselmo-Marnach, who was also with a friend, left the park to get help. Her friend stayed behind. The boys kept walking. Jordan says he spotted buildings across the Little Spokane River. He and  his brother tried to cross, but it was deep, and cold. They got out.

After more than four hours in the air, and already one stop to refuel, Air One spotted the boys: Carson kneeling over Jordan, both trying to stay warm.

"It feels sometimes like a needle in a haystack, but by the time the deputies spotted them, it was wonderful," said one of the rescuers.

Tonight Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich gave the brothers Air One shirts. The boys say they want to join search and rescue. 

"I really like people, not only that; she's going to make us," said Jordan about his mother.

The two lessons the boys say they learned from their ordeal of getting lost are, stay out of the water, and stay together.

Reporting live, Othello Richards, KREM 2 News.