Bird droppings force STA to move East Spokane bus stop



Posted on January 22, 2014 at 5:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 22 at 7:40 PM

SPOKANE, Wash.--There is a messy situation at a busy Spokane intersection and it is forcing buses to change where they stop. There are so many birds droppings all over the sidewalk at one bus stop that the Spokane Transit Authorities is changing where people line up.

There is not a clean spot on the sidewalk at the intersection of Greene and Mission according to bus riders. 

"We kept saying, gee look at all of the birds on the wire,” said Spokane resident Mickey DeChenne.

The birds’ favorite pole happens to be right over an STA bus stop and bench.

"It's all over the sidewalk so it's filthy,” said DeChenne.

People who go by the intersection often said the situation has only gotten worse. They want someone to stop it from spreading.

"It's been at least a year or two, I mean it just started building and building,” said DeChenne.

Avista said the company cannot make the birds go away. They added the birds would not cause a possible power outage.

The City of Spokane said property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clean.

"I stand out there myself and tried to clean up some things here and there and they dropped some stuff on me too,” said gas station employee David Mines.

The Health District said the droppings are not harmful to people in the area since it is an open space.

"I'm not going to walk on the sidewalk or cross the street,” said Mines.

STA is going to move their bus stop half a block north in hopes of keeping the bench and anyone waiting for the bus clean and out of the drop zone.