Local 12-time felon offers advice on protecting homes from thieves




Posted on May 7, 2014 at 6:12 PM

Updated Thursday, May 8 at 8:19 AM

SPOKANE, Wash.--KREM 2 News spoke with accused burglar Lelbert Williams in jail on Wednesday. He was a convicted felon and claimed he went into stranger’s homes for shelter. Williams also gave KREM 2 News advice on how others can protect themselves from being victimized by someone like him.

Williams said it was too tough to resist breaking into a home that was under construction or had any sign of easy entry. He admitted to sometimes just trying to open multiple homes to see if any were unlocked.

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“There's either tools laying around...sheet rock...stuff like that,” said Williams.

The typical signs of spring home repairs were a welcome mat for admitted trespasser and 12-time convicted felon Williams.

“It's easier for me to just like for a home that's under construction,” said Williams.

Williams said that was what he was doing on Tuesday when he was arrested. A watchful neighbor tracked Williams in a neighborhood near the Finch Arboretum until police arrived. Williams said he did not break into the home to steal but said he just wanted a place to lie down. He said it was not a big deal.

“Well, it's a small crime,” said Williams.

Williams was arrested for burglary but denied stealing anything. He had advice for homeowners to avoid having their home broken into.

“They need to be certain about their locks,” said Williams.

Williams admitted to breaking into multiple homes throughout Spokane for at least one month.

One homeowner said he took precautions to protect his items while he was flipping a home.

“We hire a neighbor to keep an eye on the house when we first purchase it,” said homeowner Tanner Haynes.

Haynes said he worried he could be the next victim. He feared there were plenty more where Williams came from.

“We're just counting the days. We think it'll happen eventually,” said Haynes.