Local woman shows off Expo ’74 souvenir collection




Posted on May 2, 2014 at 7:52 PM

Updated Friday, May 2 at 8:14 PM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Many people have fond memories of the World’s fair in Spokane 40 years ago.

Riverfront Park is a constant reminder of Expo ’74 and a permanent souvenir from the event. You can still go to local store and find small banners or even creamers from the event.

Sheila Gerathy was just 13-year-old when the world’s fair came to town.

“The whole fair smelled like Belgian waffles, that was the really big thing back then,” said Gerathy.

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She is still collecting souvenirs 40 year later. She has cups, plates, salt and pepper shakers, books and much more.

“I just love my Jim Beam bottle, I think that is so unique,” said Gerathy.

The White Elephant stores in Spokane still have plenty of collectables for sale. Gerathy said friends tell her they have many souvenirs just like her. 

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No matter what it is, each represents Spokane’s success in hosting the event. Gerathy’s father even helped organize the fair.

“I’m just so proud of my dad and all the work that he did for Expo,” said Gerathy.

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The biggest souvenir for people like Gerathy is the impact that the World’s Fair had on their city and how much Spokane has grown since Expo ’74.